Teach Your Dog To Sit With This 5 Minute Exercise

The sit command is one of the more standard and basic commands that you can teach your dog and aside from impressing friends and family, the added benefit of teaching your dog to sit is that he/she is learning basic obedience, which is essential for all kinds of future training to keep them (and everyone around them) safe.

First of all, stand in front of your dog.

Next, hold a treat right near your dog’s nose, just out of his or her reach. Then slowly move the treat over your dog’s head and toward his or her tail.

As you do this, say your dog’s name and then give him/her the command “Sit.”

Now say the word “good” at the exact second the dog sits. They will sit as a natural instinct at first, because they are essentially waiting for the treat (and likely get bored of standing so tentatively!). So, when they actually do sit and they get the treat, your dog will soon begin to learn the connection between sitting and being rewarded.

It is at this point that you’ve initiated another command that can come in useful for all sorts of future training scenarios.

Don’t forget to praise your dog in spades and give them a treat for any movement that resembles the sit position.

Don’t be too hard on them at first, just let them pick it up naturally (and they will). When your dog is consistently sitting on command, you can release them from their sitting position with the “release” or “free” command.

This exercise should be repeated for 5 minutes at a time. Remember not to go overboard on this one, as you don’t want your dog to get fat in the process!

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