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Dogs are probably the most adorable creatures on this planet, and if you have one at your home, then you are quite lucky. There are a lot of things to be kept in mind while petting a dog. Often people limit these things to feeding them only. However, your pet needs a lot more of your attentions than you think. Merely giving them a bath and feeding them well is not enough sometimes. You must be aware of the dog fleas and keep checking them from time to time. The dog fleas are small insects or parasites that feed on the body of your pet and survive by sucking their blood.

These parasites are not blessed with wings, but they can jump to spread their species from one creature to another. If your dog is becoming weak or remains irritated all the time, then you must read the tips on “how to get fleas off my dog.”

Fleas feed on blood of your pet and make it weaker day by day. They cause a lot of itching and irritation on the skin due to which pets remain disturbed and irritated all the time. These fleas not only suck the blood out from animal’s body but can transmit various diseases like myxomatosis and plague and other transferable diseases. Though there are various chemical and medicinal products available in the market, using the natural products can be a safer way to treat your pet. So here are some of the tips to treat fleas on your dog.

How to get fleas off my dog

  • Use a flea comb– this is the most effective way to catch big and strong fleas on the body of your dog. It is easy to use. All you have to do is to comb the fur of your dog from up to down, and you can see the big fleas dropped on the floor. you can spray some lemon juice or salt on the comb for better results
  • Make use of flea collar– flea collars are easily available in the market and can protect your dog from the fleas. You can also prepare your flea collars by mixing some drops of lavender oil with tea tree oil and applying the mixture all over your dog flea collar. This will keep the insects at bay. If you are interested in flea collars and why one is better than the other, take a look at this article.
  • Maintain cleanliness– make sure that the beddings of your pet as well as all those places where it sits are washed regularly. You can sprinkle some salt on all the areas for best results. Fleas cannot stand salt and die.
  • Use of lemon juice– dilute some lemons juice with water or any essential oil and then wash your dog with it. Keep repeating the process in every few days to get the best result. You can use apple cider vinegar in place of lemon.

If you feel that the condition is getting worse and the natural remedies are no more helpful, then you must consult a vet without any delay. Follow and keep these all things in your mind to get the best results.


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