Protecting Your Dog Skin

Having a dog is one of the coolest things. Having a monster dog, on the other hand, is a cause for major discussions. This is certainly true because monster dogs may be horrid to look at but the dogs do become popular. Take the case of Sam, the world’s ugliest dog. The dog may really look scary, but it did gain fame.

If you would not want your dog to end up looking like the ugliest or even slightly ugly, you should learn how to take care of it. One of the main reasons why dogs become hard to look at is because of their skin problems. If you wouldn’t want your dog classified as the ugliest, here are skins problems of dogs that you should learn to treat and prevent.

• Allergies: pets will react to allergies by scratching sporadically. Just like humans pets react to allergens that cause sensitivity. Pets will have lots of things that could cause allergic reactions. They could either be contact type, inhaled or through the food they eat. Dogs rarely get allergic to contact such as wool.

They are affected by the food they eat. Most common foods that should be watched out by dogs are corn, dairy products, beef, soy, and wheat. When the dogs are just starting to have allergic reactions you will observe that they are licking, biting, rubbing or scratching the skin. It will eventually lead to the infection that is characterized by pimples or red bumps. Try to get professional help immediately when noticed.

• Bacterial infection: These are common for dogs but are really more of a secondary condition that results from allergies. Antibiotics are given orally or topically to treat the problem. Treat the bacterial infection immediately while also looking for the primary cause.

• Hot spots or acute moist dermatitis: these things are results of your pain trying to scratch itself to relieve pain and itch or self trauma. To treat this problem, you would need to clean the pet, give antibiotics (topical or orally), and anti-inflammatory agents.

• Pyoderma: these are wide range infections that will cause pus to a pet’s skin. The treatment is the same as the one in hot spots. However, the treatment is longer. Giving the pet a shower and shampooing and rinsing the pet well also help.

These are only a few of the common skin problems that your pet will experience if you become careless with its health and hygiene; unless maybe you are grooming your pet to be the next ugliest dog.

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